Exporting Data from Observant Global


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The Observant Global™ software platform offers multiple data-export options to enable the use of the Observant Global system's data in other applications. 

Exporting from Crop Manager

To export data from Crop Manager, use one of the methods described below to export the data from either the Monitor or Analyze view.

Exporting from the Monitor view

This option is ideal for export of a small number of data series on an occasional basis. For export of more data series or where the same data set needs to be frequently exported, see "Exporting from the Analyze view" below.

Expand the graph containing the data to be exported by clicking the smaller 'sparkline' chart.

Select the appropriate timeframe.

Click the menu button at the upper right and select "CVS."

Give the file a name and select "Download."


Exporting from the Analyze view

See the "Exporting Data" section of Graphing Multiple Sensors with 'Analyze' or read the following.

From the Observant Global menu, select "Analyze."

From the Analyze view, select one or more data series by clicking on them.

For each data set, specify the appropriate timeframe.

When your selections have been made, preview that data to be exported.

You may then export the data in any one of three different ways.

  • As a CSV file, for use in any spreadsheet or reporting application capable of opening CSV files.
  • As an image, in PNG format, for inclusion in reports.
  • Directly to a printer.

Hint: If a given data set is being exported on a regular basis, save the desired view for reuse later. That way any future formats, time frames, and data sets will be directly comparable to the prior ones.




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