Assessing Hardware Status at a Glance


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Observant Global includes several features that aim to help you understand if a piece of equipment isn't working as it should. 


Normal Operation

  • The current value (94% in this case) is drawn in black.
  • The sparkline graph is complete and covers the whole sparkline area.
  • Hovering over the current value will indicate how recently this value was retrieved.

In this state, the system is working and all data is up to date. This is how you would expect to see your system most of the time.


Greyed-out current value with the "clock" icon

  • Indicates that the unit has not updated in 2 hours or more.


Missing or incomplete sparkline

Indicates Global doesn't have recent history for this measurement. This could be the result of:

  • A newly installed site that hasn't yet recorded any history.
  • A site that is currently not connected to Global, or whose connection quality is too poor to allow retrieval of history and current status.


Red Exclamation Mark

Indicates a problem with the health of the device or its connection to the Observant field unit. Common causes for this include:

  • The device has been removed.
  • The device has been damaged and is not working.
  • Wiring connecting the device to the field unit has been damaged.

Hovering over a red icon will show a tooltip with further clues to diagnose the problem.


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