Release Notes — March 24, 2015

Observant Support

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  • Fixed an issue where the date label for a photo could sometimes be obscured by a long name.

  • In some cases, the list of “history specifications” (the time range and data frequency) could cover up other values on the screen if it got too long. The history specification selector has therefore been redesigned to be a drop-down list. The current selected date range is also now visible without expanding the chart.

  • The currently selected history range is now always visible

Crop Manager

  • Probes can now be searched by typing in a partial probe name.


  • Probes can now be filtered using either their management line criteria (Too full, full, normal, refill, stress) or by two other criteria: “Unconfigured” (management lines not yet set) or “Errors” (probes which have errors).


  • Users with a large number of probes will see a significant improvement in the time it takes for crop manager to load. Previously, users would have to wait until all of the probes were finished loading to see them on the map. Now, the probes will appear on the map immediately but without any status colour (ie. they will appear grey); as each probe loads on the map, the map marker will change colour to indicate the current status of the probe — allowing the page to be used immediately.
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