Release Notes — February 24, 2015

Observant Support

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  • Since late October, customers who manage more than one property could manage them as a “Portfolio”. The portfolio selector was found at the top of the “monitor” page. The portfolio selector is now at the top left of the main menu, and works across all of Observant Global.


  • Fixed a bug where the refresh button on the monitor page did not work correctly under some circumstances.
  • Charts which use a function (e.g. an average) will now say so in their title.


Soil Moisture

  • Soil Moisture is now known as “Crop Manager” within Observant Global. This is to reflect the broader future direction of the product.
  • The time taken to save new settings (management lines, probe names, soil types, etc) has been reduced down to a few seconds.
  • Fixed a bug related to ‘Reset zoom’ button not working for probes which did not yet have any management lines set.
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