Technical Note — Observant V1 Camera (with Observant C3)

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The Tech Notes, OBS-USR-TN003-R1-LTR  and OBS-USR-TN003-R1-A4, Observant V1 Camera (with Observant C3), are available for printing or downloading. If this is your first Observant product and you do not already have an account please remember to Sign Up for the Observant Global Software Platform. If you already have an Observant Global account, remember to add your new Observant equipment to your portfolio as described in Adding New Equipment

Observant V1 Camera

The V1 is a low-power, ruggedised, color, still-image camera. It communicates to (and is powered by) the C3 field unit via a 4-way electrical connection.

Electrical connection

The V1 is a standard, Modbus, serial communications device and is supplied with cables terminating in Observant's standard, 4-way, device connector. For wiring details, see Figure 1, below.

    • The standard C3 device cable (DTC) is 19' 8" (6 m)  in length, this may be shortened if desired by re-wiring the terminal block end. 
    • If a longer cable run is needed the 32' 9" (10 m), device extension cable (DCE) can be used.
    • Either cable will connect to the V1's cable as shown in Figure 1.
    • Be sure to mate the C3 and V1 cables carefully and secure with the knurled ring on the V1 cable
    • Note: either RS485 port on the C3 may be used.

Installation notes

    • Be aware of the of the V1 camera's field of view when selecting a mounting location. See Figure 2, below.
    • The V1 can mount to the same pole as the C3 using the provided pole-mount bracket, as shown in Figure 3.
    • Either high-quality, flexible conduit or standard, rigid, electrical conduit can be used to protect the cabling.
    • Alternatively, if the elevation allows, the V1 can be mounted directly into the 32 mm, bottom-entry hole of the C3—as seen in Figure 4.
    • Be sure to install the V1 body with its vent hole oriented downward; otherwise, your image will appear upside down.
    • Ensure that the vertical adjustment bolt is fully tightened only after you are satisfied with the position of the camera.
    • Note: the 4-way device connector on the end of the C3 device cable can be threaded through standard 1" (25 mm) electrical conduit.


Figure 1. Details of C3 to V1 Electrical Connections



Figure 2. V1 Field of View

When locating the V1, take into consideration the camera's field of view.


Figure 3. Details of Remote-Mounted V1 Camera


Figure 4. Details of V1 Mounted to C3 Enclosure








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