Release Notes — February 6, 2015

Observant Support

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Enhanced weather station support

Selected weather stations may now display:

  • Graphical wind direction
  • More detailed cardinal direction
  • A 5 minute summary (eg. "Calm")
  • A 10 minute gust summary (eg. 2 m/ph SE)

Support for custom y-axis default range

Observant Global charts will automatically set their y-axis range. In some situations, users may prefer to have a pre-defined range (for example, a pressure sensor may feasibly only record between 0 and 10 PSI). Users may contact support to have this enabled. Submit a request.

Enhanced display of dates

Various parts of Global which display a date have been improved based on your feedback:

  • Sensors will no longer display a date of January 1, 1970 when they do not have a valid date 
  • General improvements to "human readability" of dates


Save selected charts

Users who have a combination of different sensors which they like to view often can now save this selection and use it again later from the same computer. 

Upon creating the preferred combination of sensors, a name may be entered in a menu found on top of the chart. After the "Save" button, located to the right, is clicked, that combination will be saved in a drop down menu located top-left of the chart area.


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