Managing Tank Level Kit Settings


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Changing Configurations

Sometimes it's necessary to change the configuration of your tank kit. Perhaps the depth or full point wasn't easy to measure at the time and now needs some adjustment, or the kit has been moved to a new tank. Perhaps you want to change the threshold levels for the alerts. 

To change your tank kit configuration, log into Global and from the cog menu in the top right hand side of the panel, 


select the Configure button:

This will take you through the same steps as the initial setup.

Begin the configuration process by entering the distance from the ceramic diaphragm at the bottom of the sensor to the bottom of the tank. If the value does not need to be changed, click 'next' to continue.

The button next to the units will allow you to choose to enter dimensions in either inches or meters.

In a similar fashion, enter the “head clearance,” which is the distance from the bottom of the sensor to the level at which the tank begins to overflow. 

Choose “next” to continue.

Choose the water level display preference as either as the depth of the water (as shown here) or a percentage of tank capacity (as shown below).

Choose “next” to continue.

Set the preferred threshold levels (as a percentage of tank capacity) to establish the critical levels appropriate to your situation.

Check each box for which notifications should be sent. For example, if you check “Very high” and “Low,” you will receive an SMS (and/or e-mail) when the tank level either rises above the “Very high” mark or drops below the “Low” level. 


Once you are happy with the details, save your new tank configuration.

Remember to navigate to the Alert page afterwards and make sure that the tank site is registered for alerts




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