Viewing Water or Energy Cumulative Use Since a User-Defined Date

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Global now includes the ability to show a calibrated value for a flow or energy meter. The calibrated value is a total usage since a specified reset or calibration date.

Using Calibrated Values

Typical scenarios where this would be used are:

  • Measuring water or energy usage against a quota.

  • Correlating the Global reading against the local meter reading.
  • Measuring consumption during the current season.


  • Record total water flow or energy used this season (e.g., since March 1 this year).
  • Display the total flow from my meter, given that it had registered 18,200 liters on April 15th at 12:00 pm.

What is required to Calibrate?

To provide calibrated values, two items are required:

  • 'Meter Calibration Time' — the time and day of that the meter was read (or the meter had been reset)
  • 'Meter Calibration Reading' — the result of a manual meter reading on that date and time.


To set up calibrated readings for your flow or energy meter:

  • Verify that your Observant account has been set up with the permissions necessary to configure your system.
  • Click on the cog icon in the upper right corner of the flow meter's Monitor Card in Observant Global's Monitor application, choose Edit, and select 'Flow Meter: set Config.'

  • In the resulting screen, enter the value of the meter reading and the date and time that it was taken. 

  • If you have just taken the reading from the flow meter, you can leave the default 'Start immediately' as the Meter Calibration Date. Otherwise, from it's drop-down menu, choose 'Enter a start time' and pick the date that you recorded the 'Meter Calibration Reading.'

  • Finally, click on .
  • Once the meter reading settings have been supplied, the flow meter's Monitor Card can then include a value for 'Calibrated Reading' derived from the total recorded flow since the supplied calibration date, added to the calibration reading at that moment. From then on, the value displayed in Observant Global should continually keep up with the visual reading on the meter.

Seasonal Totals

Observant Global also provides support for a calculated seasonal flow total. This value is simply the total recorded flow between the 'Season Start' and 'Season End' dates.

Once these dates have been entered, the Monitor Card can be extended with the value 'totalFlowThisSeason' that will be the total calculated between the two dates. 

'Season Start' and 'Season End' date can be updated at the beginning of each new season.


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