Release Notes — December 2, 2014

Observant Support

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Flow and energy meters can now be configured to display a total since your last reset, like a trip meter on a car. Typical scenarios where this would be used are:

  • measuring water or energy usage against a quota
  • to correlate the Global reading against the local meter reading
  • to measure consumption during the current season

Meters currently supported are:

  • Pulse output flow meter
  • Pulse output energy meter
  • Siemens MAG8000 flow meter

For further details about this feature, please refer to this knowledge base article.



Fixed an issue where parts of the screen would 'jump around' while the page was loading. After the first time you load the monitor dashboard, the position of the systems will be remembered and everything will stay in place. 




Fixed an issue where, in Firefox, the timeline wouldn't display gaps in between items properly.

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