Managing Existing SMS and Email Alerts


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This article describes how you can manage the settings of an alert that has already been created.

To see how you can create a new alert, follow the instructions in this knowledge base article: Creating SMS and Email Alerts  

To manage SMS and Email alerts, click the Alert button in the Observant Global Monitor menu. 


or select the Alert button from the landing page at


If you would like to delete an alert, click on the "Delete" button.

To edit the alert, click on the "Edit" button.


You may choose to receive alerts only by email or SMS. Note that you will receive Daily Summary (if you choose to receive one) only as an email. You can select your preferred service by only selecting your preferred option:

Ensure all the zone checkboxes are selected (a zone is a grouping of sites, usually a single property or part of a property):  

You can also add a 'Nickname' of your choice to the zone by clicking "Add Nickname". 

To change your Daily Summary notifications, select/unselect the options to receive a daily summary every day, or only when there are active alarms: 

To temporarily switch off all alerts, select Don't send for now

To restrict alerts to only a part of the day or night:

  • Select "Only send alerts between"
  • Configure the start and end time.
  • Select your timezone.

Click the "Save" button to save the alert that has been configured. 

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