Release Notes — October 30, 2014


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Release notes - 30 October 2014


Portfolio selection, and collapse/expand all Monitor Cards. A portfolio is a way to group things, usually separate businesses or companies. 


Bay health check 

The scheduling interface now displays warnings to the user if any equipment is “unhealthy”.

schedule-bay-issues (2).png

An unhealthy situation could be

  • Low power on field unit
  • Problems with actuator

 More detailed checking will be added in the future.

Soil Moisture

On-farm evapotranspiration calculation

Evapotranspiration is a measure of the water evaporated both through the air and through a plant’s leaves.

For a few months, we’ve been able to pull in evapotranspiration data from the Bureau of Meteorology. This data is useful, but the weather stations are usually located quite far away from our customers farms and so may not be very accurate.

This update adds support for calculating evapotranspiration from a weather station on the customer’s farm. The customer needs, solar radiation, wind speed, air temperature, relative humidity, pressure (optional, but improves accuracy).

The longer term vision is that people can conduct irrigation scheduling based on evapotranspiration in place of, or in addition to, soil moisture based irrigation.


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