Procedure — How to Book a Fixed Time for Direct Phone Support

Observant Support

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During an installation or site inspection, you may want to book an Observant support team member to be on the phone to assist. When that is the case, at least 24 hours before visiting the site, go to ScheduleOnce, Observant's live-support scheduling service, and arrange a fixed time for them to contact you.

Observant Live Support — Scheduler Procedure

  1. Go to and select your time zone using  the drop-down menus.

  2. In the resulting calendar, select the date and time.

  3. Enter the following information. You will want to be especially careful to add all the required details in the 'Your note' portion at the bottom of the form.

  4. You will then receive an acknowledgment from our scheduling service with a unique Tracking ID.

  5. Next, you should receive an email from Observant confirming that all necessary information has been received. It may even have added the appointment to your calendar.

  6. The Observant email acknowledgment will also include a link to allow canceling or rescheduling should that becomes necessary.

  7. Finally, on the specified date and time, an Observant installer will call the telephone number provided above to assist with your installation.
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