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When You Are Logged In

Start Here

Log in to Observant Global™ and click the 'Support' icon at the upper right of your Observant Global web page.

This will take you to the Observant Help Desk, where you can search for help within our Knowledge Base. Afterwards, if necessary, you should contact your Primary Service Provider for support

Searching Help Desk

To find the information you need, type the subject of concern into the Help Desk search bar and hit 'Enter' to see a list of articles that relate to it.

Here, for example, we see the first of the four links provided to various Help Desk articles related to exporting data.

Submitting a Support Ticket

If you can't find an article that answers your question, or if you are not happy with the service provided from your current Primary Service Provider, let us know by submitting a support ticket as follows:

  1. Click on Submit a request in the top right corner of this web page to raise a support ticketIt will be just to the left of your sign-in name:

  2. Choose 'Request for Customer and Dealer Support'.

  3. Add relevant detail to the support ticket to allow our Support Team to answer your question or solve your problem. Adding the right level of detail will increase the chance of a quick resolution to your request:
    1. Your name and contact details.
    2. Your property (portfolio) name and the name of the site you're looking at.
    3. Details of the question or problem you have.
    4. Subject: should reflect the type of support you require or the type of issue that is currently being experienced.
    5. Description of your question or problem. If your problem or question relates to your installed Observant equipment, remember to include:
      1. Its serial number, e.g. C3-02234.
      2. An overview of the issue.
      3. When the issue happened.
      4. What was happening at the site when the issue happened.
  4. You can also attach files (for example a screenshot) to the request. 

  5. Finally, having answered all the pertinent questions, click on 'Submit".

Getting Support via Email

You can send email to

Getting Support via Text Message (SMS)

In Australia, you can start a support request via Text Message (SMS) using the following phone number:

  • +61 451 562 280
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