What does the orange clock next to my data mean?

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A small orange clock icon (circled in red below) will be displayed next to the equipment with outdated data in your Observant Global™ account if the data is older than two (2) hours.
The most common causes of out-dated data include poor radio signal quality, an interruption to Internet service (e.g. cellular communication outage) or loss of battery power.

Instructions to diagnose the cause of out-dated data:
  1. Review battery levels to see if the battery has been depleting. See this article for details.
  2. If you are visiting the equipment, check the likely causes described in this article.
  3. If you don't have a Primary Service Provider, click on 'Submit a request', and submit an "I need help with an Observant Product that has stopped working" Support Ticket for Observant Support to assist.

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