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You can control your equipment using Observant Global if:

  1. Your Observant-ready equipment* has been connected to your Observant product(s), and
  2. Your Observant Global user account has been setup and permitted** to control your equipment.
  3. Usually, only Observant C3 based systems are set up for control, as the low-power nature of the Observant Solo is not well suited for interactive control

*Observant Global can control a range of devices including electric pumps, diesel and petrol pumps, irrigation equipment (bay outlets, pipe and riser heads) and cameras.

**Permission for an Observant Dealer or third-party to control equipment must be approved in writing by the Observant Global account administrator. Please submit a Support Ticket for further information.

To control your equipment using Observant Global

  1. Click the "cog" icon at the upper right hand side of the Observant Global screen.
  2. A menu will be displayed for you to select and confirm actions to be performed with your equipment. For example, starting and stopping pumps, opening and closing irrigation bays, manually taking photos.
  3. Notifications will be displayed below the "bell" icon when actions are performed. Please note that some actions may take several minutes to complete and/or be displayed in Observant Global.

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