How to Manage Configuration and Notification Thresholds of Devices


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To change configuration and thresholds of devices in Observant Global, go to Manage Equipment from the welcome page.


In Manage Equipment, you will see all Portfolios, Sites, Field Units and Devices that you have access to. 

Click on the device that you would like to configure.

For example, to change the configuration of the Rain Gauge at site 'Pump Station Sensors', click on Rain Gauge. You will then be taken to the device screen.


From the device screen, you are able to adjust the advanced configuration and thresholds for that particular device. Note that the setting of advanced configuration and notification thresholds, is not necessarily available on all devices.  


Note how it is possible to set a number of different parameters.  You can set "volume per tip" via the Settings. The levels at which alerts are raised, can be set via Notification thresholds.  And the port connection can be changed via the Connection menu.


The following example shows a Seametrics flow sensor.  You can set model, calibration reading, and a number of other parameters, via the advanced settings.  Port connection can be changed via the connection menu.


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