Release Notes — August 14, 2017

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Monitor Cards Filtering

The Monitor App now allows you to create Filters to help you organise your Monitor Cards. Each new filter that you create is represented as a separate tab. By selecting a tab you can view your Monitor Cards through a particular filter, giving you the ability to see the cards you are interested in together in one place. For example you may wish to group your cards by device type or by site name.


You can read more about the new Filtering feature in the Helpdesk article.

You might have also noticed that the app has started loading faster recently - we’ve made some performance improvements that should help speed things along.


Nominate Your Primary Service Provider

The Primary Service Provider is a customer’s main point of contact for all the sales and service requirements of their Observant solutions. Although a customer may choose to change this Service Provider at any time, we ask that there only be one primary contact at any given time. This Helpdesk article has more information about Choosing a Primary Service Provider.

With this new release, not only will customers be able to view contact information about their current Primary Service Provider in Global, but they will also be able to change their Primary Service Provider in a few simple steps. This will be achievable from ‘Portfolio Settings’ in ‘Manage Portfolios’. You can read more about this new feature in How to Nominate Your Primary Service Provider.



Australian Irrigation Season Starting

The 2017 Australian Irrigation season has now officially started for our Surface Irrigation customers.  Since last season, we’ve made a substantial re-design of the way users will interact with their system via Monitor.

Monitor Cards have been simplified to provide the essential information more quickly.  A new ‘Warnings’ field with more meaningful descriptions of actuator problems has been added.


The new Monitor Cards Filtering feature detailed above will provide a way to quickly navigate and organise large irrigation systems.

Schedule has also been improved, in particular actuators that have jammed will be more intelligently identified, providing clear SMS Alerts and Warnings for the users as a result.


More Supported Devices

We’ve added some more Support Devices to Manage Equipment, making it easy for you to add, configure and troubleshoot

After some feedback, we have revised how Flow Sensors appear in Monitor to better meet customer expectations.



'Hidden' Monitor Cards

Historically, Monitor Cards were able to be marked as ‘hidden’ to certain users within a Portfolio, a feature which we have removed due to the complexity for Dealers and the Observant Support team in managing this.

Any hidden monitor cards have now been made visible to all dealers.  Dealers will review the Monitor page and ensure it matches your expectations, as Observant will be making these cards visible to all customers in the near future.

The new Filter feature will be a good solution in most cases such as where a Portfolio has groups of users interested in different sets of data (eg. soil moisture only).

For assistance please send an email to


Get Notified When a User Accepts an Invitation

From now on, portfolio admins will get a notification when a user accepts their invitation.


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