How to Nominate Your Primary Service Provider


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You can now nominate your Primary Service Provider (PSP) from Global in a few simple steps, if you have administrative access to your portfolio. 

To nominate or change your PSP, go to Manage Portfolios.


In Manage Portfolios, click on SETTINGS to go to the Portfolio Settings page. Manage_Portfolios___Observant_Global.png

You will be able to see the contact details of your current PSP under SUPPORT. If you do not currently have a PSP, you will see 'Unassigned'.


To nominate a new PSP, click on the Edit icon.



Click on the name to see the list of Observant partners who have access to your portfolio.


Select your new PSP from the list and click Save.


If changed the previous and new primary service providers will be notified by email.


Not in the List

If your preferred PSP is not in the list, you will need to invite them to your portfolio first and then select them once they accept. Click on "Invite a user to the portfolio first" to go to Manage Users. 


Click on the 'Invite User' button.



Fill in the name and email for the Primary Service Provider you wish to grant access to. 


Click the 'Send Invitation' button and the Primary Service Provider will receive an email with your invitation.

Once the invitation is accepted, you can select them as your PSP as described in the previous section.  






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