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Rowan Chase

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A logged input sensor displays the status of an individual Input Port on a Field Unit. It can be used to show the state of anything that can be monitored with an open/closed contact switch. Typical usage includes gate monitoring, electric pump monitoring and pressure switches in tanks or poly pipes.

A logged input can show:

  • the current state using custom labels, for example Open/Closed, Normal/Low Pressure, Running/Stopped.
  • Historical data:
    • Changes in state
    • Count of open/closed events
    • Time spent in each state (open/closed)

The logged input sensor can also be used to raise an alarm when the input has changed state.

It can also be used to trigger automation: for example, if the pressure switch indicates low pressure, start a pump.

Supported hardware

Any device the has a set of open/closed contacts can be connected to a Field Unit and monitored using a logged input sensor. Reed switches, pressure switches and float switches are common examples.

Typical Applications

Gate, pump or water pressure and flow monitoring


The two terminals of the switch are connected to a port input as follows:

Port Pin



Input (1 or 2)


Red (typical: refer to the device datasheet)



Black (typical: refer to the device datasheet)

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