Release Notes — May 1, 2017

Observant Support

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Changes to Daily Summary reports
Starting today, Observant Daily Summaries will be sent via email only.
Observant Alerts will continue to be sent via both SMS and email.

For tips on how to register and manage alerts see Managing SMS and Email Alerts.

If you have any questions at all about the change, please send an email to


4 to 20 mA Sensor Support

We’ve added functionality to allow users to add, configure and diagnose 4 to 20 mA sensors through Manage Equipment. 4 to 20 sensors can be used in a wide range of monitoring applications such as line pressure, bore water level, ppm, etc. To read more please refer to the Product Support Page - Generic 4–20 mA Sensor.


Removing Monitor Cards 

A “Remove” button was added to the Monitor Card menu, allowing users to remove obsolete cards without the need to contact Observant Support.


Gate Motor Controller Support

We’ve added functionality to allow users to add, configure and diagnose Gate Motor Controller devices through Manage Equipment.


Field Unit Health Diagnostics

Field Unit Battery Levels and Signal Strength can now be seen in the equipment list on Manage Equipment.


Simplified Actuator Cards on Monitor

The Actuator Cards on Monitor have been simplified and improved in functionality. Battery levels are now visible in Manage Equipment for easy scanning of system health (see “Field Unit Health Diagnostics” above).

Improved Scheduling Failure Reporting

We’ve added some additional details to Schedule failures to make it easier to identify the failure’s root cause.

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