Repair Process and Refurbishment Program

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Repair Process and Refurbishment Program

When you have equipment that is non-operable, but not covered by our warranty, you have 2 choices for getting the equipment back to operating state:

  • submit the unit for assessment and possible repair
  • submit the unit to the refurbishment program and receive a replacement unit

The repair process may yield a slightly less expensive result, but will likely take significantly longer as the turn-around times for repair can be lengthy.

The refurbishment program allows you to send a unit back in exchange for a fully refurbished unit (which carries a 1-year warranty) and you even have the choice to get the refurbished unit prior to the return of the old unit.

Repair Process

The repair process has two stages: assessment and possible repair. All out of warranty returns incur the assessment fee regardless of outcome.  

This includes goods returned within the warranty period that are subsequently found not to be covered under warranty due to damage (eg. water ingress).

All repairs have a 1-year warranty.  This applies specifically to the repaired module (eg. A battery replacement only guarantees the battery itself for a year, a radio failure within the year will not be covered).

Turn around time on all repairs is 1 month.


Repair Services


List Price ($AUD ex GST)

Assessment (mandatory)


Battery Replacement



Refurbishment Program

Within 5 years of the original purchase, if an Observant unit is inoperable but otherwise out of warranty, it may be submitted to the refurbishment program where it is returned and replaced with a refurbished unit for a set charge. Return units can be dispatched before or after return of the old unit depending on the customer needs, with a modest price difference where units are dispatched prior to return.

All refurbished units have a 1-year warranty from date of dispatch. Access to the refurbishment program is via the warranty claim process. Submit a warranty claim and nominate that the claim should be considered a refurbishment.

Refurbished Pricing

Item Code


List Price ($AUD ex GST)

immediate dispatch

List Price ($AUD ex GST)

dispatch on return










C3 Enclosure and Solar Panel




Accessing the Program

You can access the Refurbishment program by contacting your dealer or by submitting an equipment warranty claim and requesting the unit be put into the refurbishment program.




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