Understanding Your Monthly Subscription Fees

Priya Johal

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Observant Global is a subscription based service. Ongoing use of Observant Global and the ability for your Observant equipment to communicate with the Observant Global platform require the payment of recurring charges. 

These recurring charges are referred to as the subscription fees. The subscription fees cover all aspects of your use of Observant Global; the cellular communications costs for the equipment, all data transfer, storage and historical data retention services, SMS and email notifications, access to the entire suite of online, cloud-based applications from your browser and mobile devices, and a Melbourne based support team to help you with any questions or problems you might have with your Observant system. 

Your use of Observant Global is organized around a Portfolio - the collection of equipment you use and manage. For each Portfolio, there are users who have different levels of access, from read-only to administrative access. Each Portfolio has a subscription associated with it, and there is always one user who has been assigned the responsibility for paying the subscription fees associated with the Portfolio: the Payment Contact.

When a Portfolio is set up in Observant Global, a user will be nominated as the Payment Contact. This user will receive an email notification informing them of this assignment, and requesting them to fill in their credit card details through the Billing Portal called Chargify

Chargify is a secure recurring billing system that helps you manage and make payment of your Observant Global™ subscription easier, faster and more efficient. This billing portal is independent of Observant and approved by our banking provider Westpac

Fees for your subscription service will be charged on a monthly basis. 

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