Release Notes — February 9, 2017

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Observant Global updates

New Manage Apps - Introduction

We have added three new Apps to Observant Global™ - Manage Portfolios, Manager Users and Manage Equipment, which are designed to help you keep an eye on your Observant system.

These apps will replace older management apps such as Manage Devices.  If you feel you have lost access to Observant Global™ features that are not present in the new Manage Apps, contact support via the HelpDesk.

For further information about the new apps, see the HelpDesk articles below:

Billing changes

We will be changing the way Observant Global™ subscriptions are managed and paid.  Subscription charges will become easier with Chargify, with payment being automated and recurring on a monthly basis.

For further information on managing your Portfolio’s payment contact see the below article Managing Payment Contacts.

Additional changes

Support for Decagon VP4 sensors has been added to Observant Global™.

Every new Linak Actuator added to Observant Global™ will create a Monitor Card without the need to contact support.

Support Flow Meters models has been revised, with Monitor Cards created for each new Flow Meter added.

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