What is Chargify?

Rowan Chase

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When creating an Observant Global™ user account, you will be asked to enter your billing details if you are going to be a Payment Contact.  These details are entered into Chargify, which is a secure recurring billing system that helps to make payment and management of your Observant Global™ subscription easier, faster and more efficient. A Chargify account is necessary for access to your Observant Global™ Portfolio, you will need your Observant Dealer to invite you to the portfolio as a billing contact.

Fees for your subscription service will be direct-debited on a monthly basis. To learn more about Observant Global Subscription Fees read the following article: Understanding Your Observant Global Subscription Fees. 

If you have further questions about the Chargify or Observant Global™ subscription fees, feel free to send your inquiry to the HelpDesk.

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