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8-Channel Power Relay/Solenoid Control

The ADAM 4069 is an eight channel Power Relay Output Module that can be used to control up to eight 24V AC solenoids via the Observant C3

IMPORTANT NOTE: ADAM modules need to be factory configured for MODBUS. Please check with your supplier to ensure the module is configured correctly

The wiring diagram can be found here


Set up module

  • The module comes configured to a proprietary ASCII protocol by default, and must be configured for Modbus operation using one of two methods:

    1. Connect the module to a PC via an RS485/RS232 converter, reconfigure using ADAM.NET Utility:

    2. Reconfigure by issuing "Init Adam Modbus" command under the Debug device:
      • Set switch on side of module to "Init" (temporarily asserts factory defaults, note some older models come with an Init terminal that must be grounded to set config)
      • Connect module to Observant unit and power up
      • Issue "Init Adam Modbus" command under Debug device via OD to set new Modbus address and configure unit
      • Power down unit and set switch to "Normal"
      • Power up and test using newly configured Modbus address
      • response to the aforementioned command when performed on a 4019 module is simply ?01\r

        there is subsequently no response on modbus; this might be a default address issue ( as the command appears to assume 0)

        until the reason is established configure these with the tool linked to above - and then confirm that they work on our hardware

Set up customer

  • Each ADAM input/output terminal is configured as a separate device
  • Add relevant ADAM device on correct port (Adam40XXInput for digital inputs, Adam406XRelay for digital/relay outputs, Adam4017 for ADAM-4017 analogue inputs)
  • Set Modbus address and input/output number as appropriate to installation


10 - Data+ RS-485 A
11 - Data- RS-485 B
13 - GND



Power supply

ADAM modules require a 10-30V DC supply and consume up to 2.2W (ADAM-4069)

12 +Vsupply
13 GND

Options for supplying power to the module:

  • External DC supply - suitable when supply is already available or when module must remain powered for long periods of time (eg. if an output is to be held on).  External supply could also be used to power switched loads on relay outputs
  • Power permanently from port output - only suitable when Observant unit is permanently powered.  Latch port output on via port/debug device, leave Adam driver with port output set to 'None' 
  • Power intermittently from port output - only suitable on battery powered system when required duty cycle of module is low.  Only suitable for digital input Adam modules, select relevant Port Output in Adam driver config
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