Managing Payment Contacts

Rowan Chase

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Payment Contacts

Each Portfolio must have a single Payment Contact, who will be responsible for Observant Global™ monthly subscription charges.  This User will be contacted by Observant to provide the details required to create a Chargify account.

 Managing the Payment Contact

Management of the Payment Contact can be done from the Manage Portfolios App.  The Settings field indicates the current chosen Payment Contact. 

If you wish to change the Payment Contact for your Portfolio to another user, click on the Settings menu and then on the 'pencil' edit button.

You will then be able to select another User from the drop down menu.

If you wish to invite a new User to be the Payment Contact, follow the Inviting New Users instructions and make sure you select the "This user is responsible for paying Observant Global subscription charges" option.


If you have further questions about the Payment Contacts, feel free to send your inquiry to the HelpDesk

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