Adding New Equipment

Rowan Chase

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Follow these steps when adding new Observant equipment to your Portfolio.  This guide details setting up a tank monitor as an example. 

After logging in to your existing Observant Global account you will be greeted by the welcome page.  If this is your first Observant product and you do not already have an account please proceed to the Sign Up portal.


If you are adding to an existing system click on the 'Manage Equipment' App.


You will see all your existing sites and the associated field units.  Click the 'New Site' button.


A site represent a geographic location that contains one or more Field Units.  For example, Northern Paddock, Top Tank, Main Bore, etc.  Enter the name for the site that the new equipment will be located at.


You've now created a new site, but it is empty as no Observant field unit has been associated with the site yet.


Hover the cursor over the spanner icon and click '+ field unit'.


Enter the type, serial code and connection to Observant Global.

  • For help locating the serial code of your field unit, see this article.
  • The "Connection to Observant Global" will depend on whether the unit is a Stand AloneGateway or Node. If you are not sure of the connection to Observant Global, contact your dealer for advice.


Stand Alone and Gateway units

Stand Alone and Gateway units use cellular communications to connect to Observant Global.

If the unit you are adding is a Stand Alone or Gateway, choose the Connection "Direct via cellular".

Click 'Add'


Node units

A Node is a field unit that uses local radio communications to access a Gateway. It connects to Observant Global via a Gateway unit.

If the unit you are adding is a Node, choose the Connection "Via another field unit"


Choose the appropriate gateway unit from the list.


Click 'Add'


You will now be redirected back to the full equipment view of your Portfolio.  To add a device to the site, click on the new field unit.


Eventually the unit will come online and this page will display information about the field unit itself.  For now, scroll to the bottom and click the 'Add Device' button.



To add a tank level sensor, choose the 'Level Sensor' category. (For a guide on adding other devices see this article.)


Choose the Senix TPSC Ultrasonic Sensor from the Device list.


All configuration settings should be left default

  • This assumes you will be plugging the sensor into the RS485-1 port, if using the RS485-2 port, select Port B.

Click 'Add'.



Once the unit is online and has communicated to the sensor, the Health light will turn green.


To configure the tank monitor, click the 'View in Monitor' button.  You will be redirected to the Monitor page, where you will be prompted through the configuration process.

See this guide for C3 Tank Level Kit and this guide for Solo Tank Level Kit installation.


If you have further questions about Adding New Equipment, feel free to send your inquiry to the HelpDesk

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